If your custard tart shop in Lisbon makes it on the Guardian’s “50 Best Things to Eat in the World” list then you’re doing something right.

I’ve known about Portuguese custard tart ever since trying them in Macao, a former Portuguese colony, now apart of China. When I heard about this supposedly best shop in the world I knew I had to try it.

The shop is located in Belém- a suburb of Lisbon about a 20 minute drive down the river from Central Lisbon. Belém is a nice area with parks, shops, and restaurants, and it’s worth a visit in and of itself. To get there, I just used my unlimited 24 hour transit pass and hopped on a bus heading that direction.

Once I made it to Pasteis de Belém there was of course a line outside but it moved FAST. There are two options – sit inside the 400 person restaurant for table service or wait in the line for just pastries to go. The line took 5-10 minutes and next thing I know I’m paying ~6 euros for my 6 delicious custard tarts.

After picking them up from the counter next to the cashiers, I went into the restaurant to use the restroom and check out the pasty makers doing their thing through the glass window looking into the kitchen.

As I wasn’t staying at the restaurant, I went across the street to the park to enjoy my pastries. They give you cinnamon and powdered sugar in small packets to put on the pastries. Definitely load it on.

Final Verdict – I think these are the best custard tarts in the world. Next time I’m back in Lisbon, I’ll see if they can give me a few more to go.