Chiang Mai Eco Resort

Every time I visit Chiang Mai, I always make an effort to stay at Chiang Mai Eco Resort just outside the old city walls. I’ve lived in Thailand before, stayed at numerous hotels in Chiang Mai, and I have to say that without a doubt Chiang Mai Eco Resort is the best deal in terms of price and amenities of almost any place I’ve stayed at anywhere in the world. By no means a party hostel, this is the perfect place to relax after a busy day exploring the city.

Why am I so obsessed with Chiang Mai Eco Resort?

First of all the price – around 300-400 baht – is a total deal. This price is very on par for most nicer hostels in Chiang Mai, but the quality is so much better. The difference is the Eco Resort comes with:

  • A massive breakfast buffet
  • Full sized pool and sunbathing area
  • Thai massage onsite
  • Large expansive gardens
  • Coin operated laundry and drying area
  • Ping pong and foosball tables
  • Thai resort feeling
Chiang Mai Eco Resort

Thai Breakfast Buffet with Drip Coffee Every Morning <3

Chiang Mai Eco Resort

Traditional Thai teak wood home converted into the main office

One of the reasons I like this place so much is because for the price, I literally get to stay at a resort that should cost significantly more. The reason this place is so affordable is because the majority of the rooms have been converted with bunk beds bringing the price significantly down per person. A lot of the rooms are just two person rooms so its almost like having your own room, and if you’re traveling in a group of two, it literally is like having your own room.

Besides the incredible amenities, Chiang Mai Eco Resort is impeccably clean. The location is just a short walk from the Chiang Mai bus station, and while it is a little outside the city, it is very cheap and easy to get around Chiang Mai using Uber or in songtaews (if you Thai is good enough). Personally I prefer Uber because most rides are 40-50 baht, and with GPS you never have to explain complicated directions to the driver about where you’re going. Better yet, rent a motorcycle to get around the city more easily. And if you’re feeling adventurous, take it all the way to Ban Mae Kampong for a traditional Thai homestay experience.

Chiang Mai Eco Resort

I love the vibe of the semi-outdoor bathrooms. Everything feels so Thai.

When you book online, I strongly advise you choose the breakfast included rate. Online it only costs 30 baht extra, but on arrival the price jumps to 150 baht.

There are some great restaurants in the surrounding neighborhood with my personal favorite made-to-order restaurant just across the street and a few more excellent places for dinner are nearby the 7-11. The resort is also near some of the best Khao Soi restaurants in Chiang Mai. Khao Soi is a traditional Northern Thai soup that is without a doubt my favorite Thai food.