When you think of Italian food, hamburgers aren’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. However when in Siena, you really should consider taking a break from the pasta and prosciutto to try one of Buongusto’s Italian-style cheeseburgers.

Buongusto is a small burger shop located in Siena’s old city near the central Piazza Del Campo. Buongusto, in fact, refers to two restaurants – a burger shop and a steakhouse located next to each other. With the mindset of a steakhouse, Buongusto’s burger operation uses high-quality beef like angus and chianina while keeping the prices very affordable.

The real draw, however, is the Italian style toppings. Once you select your meat and cheese, you can choose from grilled zucchini and eggplant to mushroom aioli and Italian salsa. I, of course, asked for everything, and I don’t regret it. Make sure to ask for a slice of ham on top!

The staff were incredibly nice and spoke plenty of English to help us through our order. The shop is quite small. There is no seating except for a small bar. Most choose to get their orders to go, but if visiting during the day, it is possible to eat your burgers in the steakhouse next door. They don’t allow this at dinner though when the steakhouse is full.

The man working there was very friendly. Once we finished eating he told us about the different cuts of meat on the menu at his steakhouse. He showed us the Florentine steak – one of the best steaks in Italy and explained that the steak is generally sold in kilogram increments. The smallest cut available at their restaurant is 1.2 kg! He said usually two people will share a steak of this size.

During my time in Siena, I ate at many excellent restaurants, but this burger really hit the spot. If you’re ever in Siena, make sure to go and tell me how you liked it in the comment section.