Bring Toilet Paper

Not all train bathrooms are going to have it so unless you want to find out what that water cup is for… bring your own.

Soap is a Lifesaver

While there are sinks everywhere in Indian trains to wash your hands, usually there isn’t any soap. Its hard to buy a small travel sized soap container, but to get around this I took an empty travel size shampoo bottle and filled it with hand soap. I keep this in my backpack at all times.

The A/C Gets Cold

You’re going to want to bring a jacket because even in the heat of summer, it can get quite cold in the A/C compartments and the flimsy sheets they provide you won’t be enough for the night.

“Chai! Chai” is God’s Gift to You

Every twenty minutes a man will come along through the train shouting “chai! chai”. Flag him down. He is your friend. My favorite part about traveling on Indian trains is the 7 rupee chai milk tea served repeatedly throughout the day.

Eat the Food

Not only are there men coming around constantly with delicious food, but there is also a meal service you can preorder that’s actually quite good (at least I think so!). The meal is usually pretty standard Indian Thali so that means some bread with various curries and rice. They also serve a dessert that tastes more like a stick of butter than a cookie but its soooo good.

Enjoy the rails in India! They’re the best part.