Dhaka Pineapple Vendor

Go to Dhaka

Many guidebooks and even Bangladeshis will tell you to avoid the capital, but a visit to Bangladesh is not complete without seeing the hustle and bustle of the world’s densest city. No where else on earth will compare to Dhaka.

Girls in Dhaka

You will be the only foreigner

While in Bangladesh, I saw one other white person my entire time there. We stopped to chat for a bit, and she said that in her three weeks in Bangladesh, she had seen one other white person besides me, and I was the first to talk with her. This would change, however, in the diplomatic zone of Dhaka.

Eating a pineapple in Bangladesh

Eat everything

I think my favorite part about traveling in Bangladesh was the food. As soon as I crossed the border from India, I could instantly tell that things were about to get much better. From roti with fried egg to biriani and fresh pineapple, every meal I ate in Bangladesh was unforgettable.

Three Piece Dress in Dhaka

Have your camera ready

Bangladesh is a beautiful country. Everything from the clothes to the rickshaws are brightly colored and just pop out in photos. The best time to photograph is right before sunset when colors appear most vivid.

Bengali Kids

Learn some Bengali

Even though I only had five days in Bangladesh, the total lack of English forced me to learn several words in a short period of time. My tour guide and I played tricks on the locals where he would ask me questions in Bengali and I would respond “jii” meaning “yes”. He would tell kids to ask me if I could speak Bengali to which I replied “jii” leaving them completely shocked!