Yes you heard that right. I was able to get a steak for free at Timberline Steaks and Grill at Denver International Airport. How did I possibly make this happen? Read on to find out.

I’m a huge fan of my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, but one of the best benefits included with the card is Priority Pass – access to the largest airport lounge program in the world. Priority Pass comes free with the Sapphire Reserve and now whenever I travel around Europe or in the United States I get access to lounges in almost every airport. I’ve even been to a lounge in Moldova.

Priority Pass would normally cost ~350 annually, but many credit cards in addition to the Chase Sapphire throw it in for free. Considering all the travel credit reimbursements and TSA precheck reimbursement, it’s a pretty good deal.

To be completely honest, Priority Pass doesn’t always give access to the nicest lounge at the airport. You rarely get access to the main airline lounges except at smaller airports with just one lounge, BUT most lounges are decent and almost all have a wider selection of food than most United Airlines lounges in the US. With all the traveling I do, it’s nice to know I can get to the airport early and have a meal and coffee before flying.

Now to explain how I got this steak in Denver. Priority Pass usually contracts out with private lounges and as I said earlier sometimes you get access to the Air France lounge or the smaller private ones with less amenities. There are major airline lounges in Denver’s airport; however, Priority Pass does not have a contract with any of these lounges. In order to still provide service, they arranged for Timberline Steaks and Grill in Concourse C to be the “lounge”. That means any customer with a Priority Pass card automatically gets $28.00 off their bill. There’s no catch.

With a discount that high, I obviously had to spring for the Elk Medallions with Loganberry sauce. Not only does Timberline have steaks, they also have burgers, salads, appetizers, and a full bar all included with the discount. The steak wasn’t as good as Elway’s over in Concourse B, but it did make for a solid meal before my flight to Frankfurt. Perhaps next time , I’ll try one of the burgers and order a few beers from the bar.