While there are restaurants throughout Athens with traditional Greek food, nothing can beat a home cooked meal at To Kati Allo – a small family-run restaurant just minutes from the Acropolis.

Here’s how it works: every morning the owners at To Kati Allo cook up traditional Greek food and serve it buffet style. You choose what you want and they heat it up in the microwave. Once the food is gone, the restaurant closes. Nothing is made to order. It’s like you’re stepping into your Greek grandmothers kitchen and she’s heating you up a plate.

Some of the dishes they serve are stuffed red peppers, eggplant aubergine topped with feta cheese (known as imam), stuffed chicken, rice, and Greek salads. Aside from the buffet, they also have a grill where they’re constantly cooking chicken, lamb, and pork over an open fire.

Normally dishes run about 6-7 euros, but if you ask, they can split them so you can try more for example by doing half spinach crepe and half stuffed red pepper.

When I was there I ordered the pork kebab with eggplant aubergine and a stuffed red pepper. The pork was absolutely incredible. The cut was so fatty – I was in heaven. The kebab came cut up on my plate so the bites from the edges with all the fat and flavoring were divine. My side dishes were equally delicious. Every meal comes with bread too so I used it at the end to soak up that last bit of flavoring off my plate. Wow!

It can be quite difficult to find decent restaurants at a good price near the Acropolis, but To Kati Allo really ticks all the boxes. If you end up eating here, let me how you like it in the comments below!