Sidi Bou Said is often called the Santorini of Tunisia. The town is only 20 kilometers from downtown Tunis, and it can be easily accessed by the Tunis “light rail” – a small commuter train that runs along the coast from Tunis Marine to Marsa passing through Carthage and other beach towns along the way. A beautiful city built on cliffs at the outskirts of Tunis, Sidi Bou Said is the perfect day trip from the capital.

Getting to Sidi Bou Said couldn’t be easier with the train. It regularly leaves from Tunis Marine station (pictured above), and it will take about 30 minutes. Once at the station, purchase a ticket from the ticket booth right as you walk in then head to the platform to board the next available train.

The ticket should cost less than two durhams. Technically they’re priced differently for different stops, but I told the guy where I wanted to go and just had him pick out that amount of money from my wad of change. I’m not sure exactly how much he took, but needless to say it is very cheap.

Get a window seat as the journey along the Gulf of Tunis is beautiful. The train makes quick 5-10 second stops at platforms along the way so make sure you’re ready when your stop comes up.

When returning the process is just as simple. If there is a ticket vendor at your station, purchase a ticket there before boarding. If you end up at a smaller station, just board and purchase a ticket from the conductor along the way. Nobody checked my ticket along the way so you may even end up with a free ride.