Morocco is a country known for their over the top hospitality and those values are on full display at Menara Airport’s Pearl Lounge. From the modern and brand new airport to the fresh squeezed orange juice, they pay attention to every detail.

I’ve talked at length on this blog how happy I am with my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card. One of my favorite benefits is the annual Priority Pass. On sale to the general public at $350 per membership, the inclusion of this perk is an excellent deal. Priority Pass allows me to access airport lounges around the world – I’ve even been to one in Moldova. While the lounges aren’t always as nice as the flagship carrier lounges in many airports, sometimes you can really get lucky with an excellent lounge like the one in Marrakech.

On arrival the first thing I noticed was how this lounge was absolutely massive. There are plenty of quiet places to sit well away from the crowd and group seating areas to relax with friends or just watch TV. There is even a play area for kids and foosball table.

But outside of the modern and luxurious seating areas, the prime attraction for me was the food. They serve all traditional Moroccan food with high quality ingredients – much better than you can find in the bazaars and souqs of Marrakech. French desserts, salads, coffee, you name it, they have it. And even though it’s set up like a buffet, the attentive staff will happily wait on you.

While I was there I had chicken kebabs, eggplant gratin, and beef tangine with tomato and eggs. There was a selection of prepared salads, sandwiches, desserts like creme brûlée, and various pastries and tarts all made right there in the kitchen behind the buffet area. I think the best part was the fresh orange and pineapple juice.

At the time of my visit, the airport was fairly empty so there were not many people in the lounge, but they had a grand piano so I believe when the crowd grows larger they really go all out and bring in someone to play live music while you wait for your flight. After your meal, make sure to ask for some Moroccan mint tea – they will even pour it for you in the traditional Moroccan style.

Since I was the only person eating, I managed to make friends with one of the wait staff and snapped this funny pic. Everyone was super friendly and they were all so glad I enjoyed my time in Morocco. This was a great send off, and I can’t wait until I can get back to Morocco again.