Seoul, Korea

I only had two nights in Seoul, but I instantly fell in love with this city from the moment I arrived. Here are the six things I liked most about Seoul:

Seoul Coffee Culture

Coffee Culture

Independent coffee shops are everywhere in Seoul. If you’ve got some work to do on your laptop or just want to stop and chat with friends, there are endless joints to choose from. My personal favorite was Cafe Comma by Hongik University. As a blogger sometimes I need a quiet place to work, and this cafe was set up like a library with individual booths taken up by Korean university students studying for their exams. Perfect place to crunch out some work.

Seoul Chicken and Beer

Chicken and Beer

A lot like Bonchon, but it won’t significantly shorten your lifespan, fried chicken is ubiquitous in Seoul. Typically served with sweet mayonnaise and ketchup, this wonderful meal can be found anywhere from high end restaurants to cheap hole-in-the-walls. It’s best washed down with a cold beer or flavored soju.

Seoul Street Food

Street Food

For a city as high tech and developed as Seoul most wouldn’t expect to see anything like cheap street food, but it’s actually sold all along pedestrian routes. Read about the many delicious kinds here.

Seoul Spicy Kimchi

Spicy Kimchi

Having never traveled to Korea before, my only experience with kimchi was the Americanized version they sell back home. I was absolutely blown away by the stuff I tried in Korea. “It’s actually spicy” I told my Korean friend living in the US. You just can’t get kimchi like this in the states.

Seoul Bibimbap Buffet

$5 Bibimbap Buffet

Need I say anymore? At Bibili (비비리) in Hongdae, you can get an excellent unlimited bibimbap buffet for only $5! When I arrived in Seoul, I was a little tired so I went to this buffet, ate myself into a coma, and took an excellent afternoon nap back at my hostel.

Seoul, Korea

Koreans Are Cool

Lastly I think my favorite part about Seoul was the creative culture bursting out at the seams everywhere I went. Koreans are cool people and their fashion sense was out of this world. I honestly at times did not feel cool enough to hangout in some of the cafes around Hongdae.